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Limelight Hydrangea


In a 3 gallon container, 14-16 inches in diameter

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Limelight has a lit-from-within celadon green bloom that reminds us of an elegant English garden, surrounded by ivy, moss and every color green. But it’s friendly and easy-to-grow, too, and really fits with any style home or landscape. The mid-summer blooms look clean and fresh in the heat of summer and eventually change to a blush of deep pink and burgundy as they age and fall temps drop.

Yours will do best in full sun to part shade and will grow up to 6-8ft tall. Limelight blooms on new wood, which means you’ll want to prune about a third of the height in late fall to late winter, before new stems and buds emerge. We like to give ours a dose of Elements in spring and fall to encourage blooms and help them live their best life.

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