Meyer Lemon Tree


8″ pot / 12-14″ tall

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For those of us in the Midwest, homegrown citrus seems like a pipe dream. But you can pluck one of your own for instant lemon zest, drink more water with pretty lemon slices and, of course, make lemonade from lemons. Plus, this plant is pretty and the pre-lemon blooms smell heavenly.

Here’s what you need to know: plant yours in a large pot with at least one drainage hole with a standard potting soil mix. Leave a bit of room at the for the root collar to rest above the soil. Your lemon loves light and will need at least eight hours of sunshine. Place yours in a cozy area that doesn’t get drafty, between 55 and 95 degrees will do the trick. Your lemon loves heat and humidity!

Water when the soil becomes slightly dry and fertilize with Jack’s Classic Acid Special during the active growing season (spring through late summer, just follow package directions). You can always prune your citrus to keep it a manageable size and to remove any suckers (small, spindly growth). Give yours a go on your porch or patio once temps rise above 55 consistently (or bring inside at night), then slowly return it indoors before the first freeze.

Let us know how your lemons are doing and if you have any questions!


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