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Hostas have so many redeeming qualities. They are optimistic perennials that rise to the occasion with tightly furled spears every spring, just when we need them most. And they’re ultra-reliable landscape staples that make a full and interesting statement. Especially these miniature 4″ versions, which we are totally smitten with as of late.

Available Varieties:

Hosta Curly Fries – The 2016 Hosta of the Year, Curly Fries forms a finely textured, arching mound of scalloped or rippled, spear-shaped leaves in an interesting pale chartreuse. This one’s a conversation starter, visibly textured and playful, and it will grow up 10″ tall and 16″ wide.

Hosta Twist of Lime – Variegated goodness, with a golden center and wavy dark-green margins. This guy is a vigorous grower that forms a nice 4″ tall and 1′ wide mound. It’s deep purple flowers are a colorful bonus.

Hosta Rainbow’s End – Thick, canoe-shaped leaves give this handsome hosta a tailored look. Its foliage is brushed with bright gold centers and a dark-green border, and Rainblow’s End grows up to 10-12″ tall.

Hosta Gemstone – We love some good contrast, and Gemstone delivers with a low mound of rich blue-green foliage, perfect for an edging or accent plant. These minis will grow about 5-7″ tall.


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