Moclame Ficus


10″ pot

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This native to southern Asia and Australia has thick, distinctively round leaves we just can’t get enough of. Like others in the Ficus family, Moclame likes a lot of light, but  prefers most of its daily allowance to be indirect (a few hours of direct sun are ok, even helpful). You might mistake Moclame for being a bit finicky, but here’s what you need to know: the brighter the better, just not too much direct sun and avoid placing too close to air vents or drafts–so kind of like us!

Moclame is also a bit sensitive to transplant shock (again, just like us), so a little leaf loss is normal in the first week or two after bringing yours home and/or repotting. Keep us in the loop if you need assistance on light or water adjustments, because Moclame is worth the attention.




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