Norway Spruce

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These spruces require a large pick up truck or trailer in order to pick up curbside.  Ask about delivery and planting.


Easy to grow, cold-hardy, drought-tolerant, the Norway Spruce tree is a smart, no-fuss solution. The only maintenance you may choose to perform on this spruce is to add some lights at the holidays. Norway Spruce is a fast growing tree (putting on as much as two to three feet of new growth per year) that transplants easily, sails through drought, and has minimal insect disease problems. It casts a dense shade and takes up quite a bit of room, so think long-term when choosing a planting site. 


Apply Iron Plus and 12-12-12 fertilizer in March/April and in October/November.


Prune in spring after new growth emerges or as needed.

Exposure: Full sun
Height: 35′-45′
Spacing: 18′-25′
Fertilize with: Iron Plus and 10-10-10 fertilizer

Let us plant for you!


  • $188 for 6′ tree
  • $282 for 7′-8′ tree

WARRANTY: 3 years with planting service


  1. Robert Schuckit (verified owner)

    Great immediate contact from Helen as well as follow up. Price and three-year guarantee simply unmatched. Told all my neighbors and they are ordering for themselves!

  2. Ashley Grant (verified owner)

    Extremely personable,quick response. Everything is taken care of for you.Like,the valet parking of plant shopping

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