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Pleased-to-Meet-You Pansies

One of the garden’s friendliest, easiest-to-grow flowers, pansies bring color, charm, and cheer to your coolweather garden or container. Virtually disease and pest-free, pansies have one of the widest color ranges of any garden flower, including blooms in ranges of red, purple, bronze, pink, black, yellow, white, lavender, orange, apricot, and mahogany. Flowers may display a single color or dazzle with a combination of two to three colors and dark, central “faces.”

How to Care for Your Pansies

  • LIGHT: Thrive in partial shade locations that provide morning and late afternoon sun with shade in the heat of the day—this is especially important for spring-planted pansies.
  • TEMPERATURE: Prefer cooler conditions around the 40˚F mark. In the event of a frost, especially with newly planted pansies, cover to prevent damage.
  • WATER: Keep moist, but be careful not to soak. A layer of shredded hardwood mulch is ideal for keeping out heat and sealing in moisture.
  • FERTILIZER: Feed biweekly with water-soluble liquid fertilizer.
  • PLACEMENT: Terrific in containers and as a pretty garden border. Pansies make an especially striking fall combo with kale, mums, and ornamental grasses.
CARE: Keep old flowers pinched off to force more blossoms. In hot temperatures, when pansy flowering may slow, pinch back, keep well watered, add additional mulch, fertilize, and hold out for cooler temperatures.
  1. Lee Greaves

    The plants are beautiful- make a nice statement at the front door.

  2. Laura Mobley (verified owner)

    These pansies were absolutely gorgeous and the order and pick up process was so easy!

  3. Art Callahan

    Extremely Satisfied

  4. john landis (verified owner)

    All of the flowers were very healthy. The advice I received for planting and maintenance will assure I have beautiful window boxes and pots.

  5. Cheryl Lykens (verified owner)

    Thank you for being open! Sure need some color, brightness in our lives right now. Whole process was great. I have always had great experiences with Altums. Thank you!!!😎😍

  6. Jenny Mehringer (verified owner)

    It was a wonderful experience using your online ordering and curbside pick up for the first time! I love supporting my local businesses! Very easy and safe! Now I have my favorite spring flowers to make myself and my neighbors smile!
    Thank you! We will order again soon!

  7. Kate F (verified owner)

    The quality of the plants is outstanding! They are beautiful. Service was fast and courteous – I’ll definitely be ordering more!

  8. Andrea Bowman (verified owner)

    Thanks for great service with a smile!

  9. RuthAnn Gapen (verified owner)

    Such kindness and courage! ThAnk you!

  10. Stacey Mazurek (verified owner)

    The whole process was awesome and so convenient! Flowers make everything better!

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