Pansy Hanging Baskets

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Pleased-to-Meet-You Pansies

One of the garden’s friendliest, easiest-to-grow flowers, pansies bring color, charm, and cheer to your porch or containers. These are what we plant roadside out front because they’re so full and vibrant. They look great hanging in a series on long porches, too. Or remove the hanger and drop right into your pots. Easy! Plus, they’re virtually disease and pest-free, which is especially good to hear these days.

  1. Lisa Lindenmayer (verified owner)

    I really appreciated being able to pick up a spring pansy basket with the curbside pickup. Paying online was easy, and I also felt the curbside pickup followed safe distancing guidelines. Flowers make me happy, and especially during these crazy times, everyone could use a little happy.

  2. Cory Etzcorn (verified owner)

    So efficient and safe! Thanks for adapting during the current situation so we can brighten our homes with beautiful flowers.

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