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So I know you’re not supposed to play favorites, but peonies have been mine since I was a little girl working alongside my dad. In my mind, they are the picture of childhood spring and summers. Sweet, carefree, filled with nostalgic goodness. And I’m not alone. Peonies are a romantic customer favorite for their fragrance, prolific blooms and textbook-perfect performance in a vase.


Karl Rosenfield / Cherry-Red Peony
‘Karl Rosenfield’ is a early-summer garden classic with its huge, cherry-red blooms. With sturdy stems and a long vase life, these fragrant flowers will set you–and a few special friends–up with bouquets for days upon days.

Sarah Bernhardt / Pastel Pink Peony
‘Sarah Bernhardt’ is beloved for her large double flowers in fresh, pastel pink. Introduced in 1906 (can you believe that?!), this longtime favorite blooms dependably year after year with profuse emerald green foliage and unbeatable fragrance.

Felix Crousse / Magenta-Red Peony
‘Felix Crousse’ produces double magenta-red blooms which are highly fragrant and attract butterflies. This more compact peony variety (28-32″ tall) shines in full sun and indoor bouquets.

Festiva Maxima / White Peony
‘Festiva Maxima’ has been throwing a big ‘ole beautiful party in the early-summer garden for 150 years and counting! Its large white flowers are enchantingly fragrant. Plus, burgundy spring growth and yellow fall color add to its charm.

  1. April Morriston

    Bought several of these peonies last year and they are starting to come up in my garden beds. Really excited to see how they bloom. My favorite part about peonies is clipping a few to bring inside. Love this plant! And love the varieties Altum’s carries!

  2. Joan Ball

    Great customer service, very convenient and great quality plants

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