Pepper Plant

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4″ container.

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We love the versatility of peppers and all the possibilities in the kitchen! Before you get started, decide how you want to use your peppers. Here’s a quick guide:

California Wonder (green bell) – standard bell that’s flavorful and perfect for stuffing

Garden Salsa – hybrid chile pepper developed for Mexican salsas and classified as mildly-hot

Habanero – spiciest of the most common chile peppers that adds a brilliant heat to food

Jalapeno – the most popular chile pepper in the U.S., moderately hot

Red Bell – the sweetest of the bell peppers

Orange Bell – moderately sweet bell pepper used in salsas and salads

Poblano – mild chile pepper that is often stuffed and roasted; popular in chiles relines poblanos

Red Chili – excellent for adding heat to food

Sweet Banana – mild, tangy, bright yellow pepper that is banana-like in shape

Yellow Bell – moderately sweet bell pepper with excellent flavor


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