Pollinator Pot in Olive Tin


12″ olive tin


We believe in the importance of birds, butterflies and bees. In fact, did you know that pollinators like birds, butterflies, bees and a variety of plant-hopping insects pollinate more than 30% of the United States’ food supply and 75% of the world’s agricultural crops?

What is a Pollinator Pot? It’s a pot planted with flowers that are rich in the nectar and pollen that sustains pollinators. Plants will vary a bit based on availability, but you’ll find generous combinations of perennials like aster, lavender, purple coneflower, salvia, sage and butterfly weed that you can plant in your landscape when you’re ready to move on to a new pot in fall. Plus, you can reuse your rustic olive tin. We also add annuals like bachelor’s buttons, black-eyed Susans, calendula, campanula, forget-me-nots, marigolds, sunflowers and sweet alyssum.

All this goodness is hand-planted by our designers with premium soil, Organic Plant Magic and in natural fiber pots that can be dropped right into your containers. We also deliver with Porch Pot care instructions, and you can always call us at (317) 733-4769 or email with any questions. 

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