Purple Fountain Grass


3 gallon container (12″ diameter)

2-3 ft tall

12 in stock


Adding decorative grasses to your pots is a great way to add texture and movement. Which may sound like no big deal, until you see your Purple Fountain Grass swaying gently in the breeze. It’s mesmerizing. And calming. And just plain pretty in fall pots and the landscape. The feathery seed heads form giant purple plumes that bob in the breeze and the foliage arches gracefully in its own bronze-burgundy tones. Plant yours with a couple small cabbage or kale (which make for great support), tuck in some miniature pumpkins or gourds or plant all on its own to make a statement.

This grass is an annual, which means it won’t last through winter in our zone, but we’ve always found the height and impact in pots to be well worth it.




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