Rosemary/Lavender Topiary

From: $24.99

6″ pot, pottery not included, but available here.



Rosemary and Lavender come in a close second and third to the scent of evergreen for us. This tree-shaped topiary is especially aromatic in the kitchen, where we can brush against its soft and lovely needle-like leaves to release its fragrance. We can also cook with it, and use as a garnish in drinks or on serving trays.

Yours will do best in a pot as deep as your plant is tall, with a drainage hole and tray (or you can water in the sink, then wait until it soaks up what it needs) and in a bright sunny window. We recommend watering every two weeks and always leaving water in its tray or saucer for the plant to absorb from the air. Mist foliage once or twice a week. Rosemary and Lavender like dry roots and moist foliage.


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