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Rudbeckia (also known as Black-eyed Susan) saves our summer landscape, just as everything else seems a little tired and sun-bleached. This golden wildflower-turned-garden-staple is a member of the sunflower family, and is known for the same daisy-like blooms. Flowers range from 2-9 inches wide, in lemon-yellow to orange-gold, with occasional flushes of a bronzy tone, plus a rich dark-brown center or eye. No need to deadhead, but you can extend the flowering period by pinching off your blooms or cutting them back to encourage reblooming in later fall. Susan is self-seeding and will reward you with new sprouts. You can always divide and add to another area of the landscape or share if you get more than you bargained for.

We love how Susan thrives in full summer sun well until the first frost. Yours will tolerate drought before sogginess, so keep that in mind when planting. And consider planting yours near a window or patio where you can watch all the pollinators enjoy them as much as you do.

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