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Sedum is sort of the mother perennial: a tireless giver who requires little in return…and forgets how beautiful she really is. Only you won’t forget, because these extremely easy-growing, sun-savvy succulents are girl-next-door pretty. Their fleshy stems and leaves are striking on their own. Add tiny clusters of starlike pinkish-purple flowers, that bees and butterflies find irresistible and nothing can quite compare in our opinion.


Lime Zinger 
Compact cultivar with small lime-green leaves outlined in bright cherry-red, which persists for 7 months during the growing season. The foliage is small, upright and rounded. Pink flowers appear in late summer lasting several weeks.

Also called Stonecrop, Angelina has brilliant golden-yellow foliage in the shape of needle-like leaves. Clusters of tiny, yellow, starry flowers emerge midsummer. The foliage shape and texture is unmistakable from other sedum, and it turns a lustrous copper-orange in winter. Perfect as a low-growing groundcover.

Autumn Fire
A popular upright variety of Stonecrop/Sedum that makes an excellent ground cover in poor, gravelly soil and dry conditions. Fleshy, succulent leaves resemble jade , and flat clusters of tiny pink flowers appear in fall and gradually transform to red, bronze and a rust-red as temperatures drop.

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