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Sedum is sort of the mother perennial: a tireless giver who requires little in return…and forgets how beautiful she really is. Only you won’t forget, because these extremely easy-growing, sun-savvy succulents are girl-next-door pretty. Their fleshy stems and leaves are striking on their own. Add tiny clusters of starlike pinkish-purple flowers, that bees and butterflies find irresistible and nothing can quite compare in our opinion.


Lime Zinger 
Compact cultivar with small lime-green leaves outlined in bright cherry-red, which persists for 7 months during the growing season. The foliage is small, upright and rounded. Pink flowers appear in late summer lasting several weeks.

Also called Stonecrop, Angelina has brilliant golden-yellow foliage in the shape of needle-like leaves. Clusters of tiny, yellow, starry flowers emerge midsummer. The foliage shape and texture is unmistakable from other sedum, and it turns a lustrous copper-orange in winter. Perfect as a low-growing groundcover.

Tall, upright with substantial clumps of foliage. Their stout, sturdy stems support the massive flower heads which develop in summer and burst into bloom in fall. If left standing, they provide winter interest and food for birds.

Fulda Glow
Compact cultivar only growing to 3-6 inches tall. Reddish-bronze fleshy leaves in a whorl around stem; pinkish-red flowers.

This mound-like species grows out from the center like a miniature fountain. It has half-inch rosy flowers in fall and blue-green leaves with matching rosy margins. Frosty temperatures bring out pink in the leaves.  Grows to 4 inches tall and about twice as wide.

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