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Sunny groundcover

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Sedum is sort of the mother perennial: a tireless giver who requires little in return…and forgets how beautiful she really is. Only you won’t forget, because these extremely easy-growing, sun-savvy groundcovers are girl-next-door pretty. Their fleshy and pigmented leaves are striking on their own. Add tiny clusters of starlike pinkish-purple flowers that bees and butterflies find irresistible and nothing can quite compare in our opinion.


Cherry Tart
This sunbathing beauty is a very drought tolerant groundcover that perfectly blends form and function. It’s compact foliage is a rich, saturated red spring through fall, and deep pink flowers are a draw for bees and butterflies. Very low maintenance, creating an almost solid mat of foliage.

Lime Zinger 
Compact cultivar with small lime-green leaves outlined in bright cherry-red, which persists for 7 months during the growing season and makes a hardy and handsome groundcover. The foliage is small, upright and rounded. Pink flowers appear in late summer lasting several weeks.

Fuldaglut, otherwise known as (and easier to say) Fulda Glow or Fireglow is a fast-growing ground cover that is easy-to-grow and spread, with tiny pink flowers in summer. Its rich bronze-green foliage with burgundy highlights deepens to burgundy in fall and winter.

Another compact sedum variety with cherry-red fleshy-leaved foliage from April through November. It has a bit of height, which makes it perfect in containers or rock walls where it can cascade over the edges. Soft pink flowerheads appear in late summer and last for weeks.

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