Spearhead Spade


Lady’s choice hybrid shovel/spade, because we all know we’re strong and smart. 2018 Best of the Best garden shovels.

Ideal for planting perennials and groundcover.

  • First hybrid shovel/spade guaranteed to significantly reduce digging efforts. 40″ light-weight design makes it easy to lift and use.
  • Recently awarded “BEST of the BEST” in garden shovels in 2018 by independent test lab BESTREVIEWS!
  • Specially reinforced pultruded fiberglass handle is 60% stronger than EN-3388 shovel/spade standards.
  • Great for rocky, compacted soils and clay. Excellent for transplanting and dividing highly rooted perennials.
  • Larger and Softer Cushioned D-grip for more comfort and to accommodate gloved hands.

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