String of Hearts

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6 inch pot

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This little guy has pairs of plump leaves shaped like tiny hearts, what else do you need to know, right? Also known as Rosary Vine, for the little bead-like pearls (called tubercles) that resemble intermittent beads on long cascading vines, String of Hearts foliage is deep green, etched with white on the top and lined on the flip side in shades of light blue to purple. Wiry new growth and stems are often tinged pink (how fitting!) and plants bloom in the summer.

Give yours good drainage (like most houseplants, honestly) and allow it to dry out completely between watering. Yours will thrive in indirect or filtered light and plants will trail up to 4′ or more. Fertilize in spring every couple weeks for best results.

  1. Jami Harris (verified owner)

    5 Star

  2. Emily Mears (verified owner)

    So easy to order and pick up, my plant was beautiful and healthy and just keeps on thriving!

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