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Never fails: when you ask someone to describe their favorite climbing vine, they describe the Clematis. Even when they don’t know the name. You can’t beat this climber for its commitment to filling arbors, trellises, fence and mailbox posts and empty spaces with pretty starbursts of rich pink, red, blue, purple or creamy white. Pruning tip for best results: after you bring your Clematis home, prune in early spring, back to the the lowest healthy buds from the previous year. From then on, simply prune to control size and shape.


Sapphire Indigo
Sweet Autumn
Chevalier Raymond Evison
Cezanne Raymond Evison
Parisienne Raymond Evison
Charmaine Raymond Evison
Edda Raymond Evison
Giselle Raymond Evison
Sally Raymond Evison
Zara Raymond Evison


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