Tall Phlox

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native and sun-loving wildflower

Tall Phlox, also known as Summer or Garden Phlox, is a tall, panicled perennial that thrives in sunny spots and makes a very pretty addition to cut flower arrangements. This phlox is a native American wildflower that’s hardy and mildew resistant, making it a carefree choice for the landscape. We really appreciate that phlox is colorful and fragrant in full sun when most other plants are done blooming. And so do pollinators!

Like many plants, your Phlox will thrive with a layer of mulch to help keep the soil moist. Clip the weakest stems when they are about 6 inches tall to coax yours into a tall, bushy habit. Plant with Elements and if you add again just after flowers fade, you may be rewarded with a second round of blooms.

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