Tree Peony

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For me, nothing really rivals the fragrant spring peony. It brings me back to a time when I’d come home from my grandma’s with a handful, stems wrapped in wet paper towel and tinfoil.  It’s hard to compete with a sentimental favorite, but the Tree Peony is like a close cousin with a big and beautiful personality.

While the classic herbaceous peony dies or is cut back to the ground each fall or winter, growing from scratch each spring, the Tree Peony is a larger, woody relative that loses its leaves in fall, but keeps its woody limbs and shape. No need for pruning, except for dead, diseased or damaged limbs. The tree peony is a slow grower, but give yours good drainage and sun-dappled light, and it will fill out to approximately 5ft tall and wide, living up to 100 years.

Late spring and early summer, blooms are big and showy, without the sugary sap that attracts ants. And you can still send friends and family home with bunches of blooms wrapped in paper towel and tinfoil.

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