Upright Round Planter

From: $55.00

Portofino Lightweight Pottery


These classics also happen to be lightweight, very durable in the elements (frost proof and UV-resistant) and eco-friendly, made from a mixture of clay and other natural materials.

If you’re unsure how to plant them up for each season, consider our pre-planted, seasonal Grab & Go porch pots in the garden center, our Grab & Go Porch Pot Membership or custom Grab & Go pots, all designer-planted fiber pots ready to drop right into your containers.

Choose from a variety of sizes: 

Small: 9.75×9.75×15.75″
Medium: 11.75×11.75×20.5″
Large: 15.75×15.75×22.25″
X-large: 19.75×19.75×27.5″

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