Upsa Daisy Round Planter Insert

From: $14.99

Say goodbye to heavy planters and messy fillers and hello to healthier plants and bigger blooms!

Reduce Planter Weight
Place the Ups-A-Daisy insert into your planters and you’ll use far less soil, creating lighter-to-carry pots that are easier for you to lift and move.

Grow Fuller Plants
UAD Instert Plant Two Leaves
Most annuals only require 6″-8” of soil to thrive. When planted in less soil, they are actually encouraged to grow fuller, instead of becoming long and leggy.

Enjoy Healthier Flowers
Ups-A-Daisy creates excellent drainage to help prevent root rot, and allows for nutrients to go up into the plants. They get stronger and produce bigger blooms.

Measure 6 – 8″ down from top of pot to determine diameter needed.

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