Venus Flytrap


Great for kids! 3″ pot.

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We’ve always thought these guys were quite mysterious, alien, even magical. How do they move so fast? The Venus Flytrap is actually a carnivorous plant that attracts small insects with a sweet smelling nectar. When the unsuspecting insect lands in its brightly colored center, the Flytrap snaps shut and dinner is served. Kids (of all ages) are fascinated, and a little horrified. Don’t worry, stray fingers are perfectly safe.

Here’s what you need to know to keep yours happy: give him plenty of bright indirect light and keep him very moist (but well drained). Yours will do best with distilled or bottled water and likes it humid, which seems like every day on our screen porch and patio these days. No need for fertilizer. Your flytrap will make its own.

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