WHY REAL TREES & greens will always feel like the right choice

They had us at the fresh evergreen smell. But there are so many other reasons real Christmas trees and greens are so popular, sentimental and sustainable. In case you need a little convincing ‘ain’t nothing like the real thing’:

  1. The smell. This is not just nostalgia at play. Research shows that while we associate the smell of pine with happy holiday memories, it also helps to reduce stress. It’s not an accident that so many products add pine and evergreen smells to make them smell ‘fresh.’
  2. The tradition. Finding your tree together is an annual tradition for a lot of couples and families. We even name ours for a little extra fun. Add music, twinkle lights and a hot drink and it’s all pretty magical.
  3. Christmas trees aren’t picky about growing conditions. Did you know your Christmas tree can grow in soil that is unfit for many other crops?
  4. They’re harvested as a renewable crop. For every tree harvested, one (sometimes up to 3 or 4) are planted in its place.
  5. They’re good for us and the world around us. One Christmas tree can absorb up to one ton of C02 during its lifetime, and one acre of Christmas trees provides enough oxygen for 18 people every day.
  6. You’re supporting small family farms. Your tree comes from small family farms in North Carolina (and sometimes Oregon) and supports the economy by employing 100,000 people.
  7. Artificial trees have artificial ingredients. An artificial tree is made with metal and PVC, a non-biodegradable, petroleum-derived plastic. Older trees may even contain lead. And after disposing your artificial tree, it can lie in a landfill for generations.
  8. We deliver!  And this year, when you order $150 or more in fresh holiday goodies, we deliver *FREE*. It can be a real production to get the tree on/off the roof of your car, right? Well, we deliver and will even set up in your home and pick up after the holidays.
  9. It’s recyclable. One of our delivery packages includes pick-up after the holidays, and every tree Altum’s collects is recycled to create ground cover, mulch or compost. You can also check with local parks and your city about recycle programs. (Google ‘recycle christmas trees near me.’)
  10. We have the secret to helping yours last as long as possible. Wilt Stop is a game changer. Mist on your Christmas tree, garlands, wreaths, centerpieces, porch pots and cut greens to seal in moisture and stop needle drop. It’s all natural, non-toxic and even helps prevent Christmas tree fires.

A few more things that are important to know:


There is no shortage of Christmas and holiday spirit at Altum’s. But there will be a countrywide shortage of the most popular Christmas tree sizes again this year. We’re recommending our repeat customers reserve theirs now to be sure they get what they’re looking for.

We hope to see you soon. and wish you and yours a Merry christmas and happy holidays.



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