There’s nothing like houseplants to satisfy your urge to garden in February.  Now is the time to encourage new growth, divide and move to a larger pot.  If you re-pot now, your plants will be ready for daylight to increase and start sending out new growth.  Here are 5 signs that your plants need a refresh.

1) Fresh Soil- Nutrient Boost

If your plant produces small new growth, off color leaves, or just looks unhappy, it may be time to re-pot with fresh soil.  Add Elements to really boost the nutrients.

2)  Better Watering

If your water immediately seeps out the bottom of your pot, chances are the plant is root bound- the plant needs new space that the roots have wrapped around and around the edge of the pot.  This creates channels for the water to run out rather than being absorbed by soil and roots.  Freeing up these roots will help your plant get the water it needs to keep its thirst quenched.

3)  Room to Breath- new Growth!

Everyone likes a little elbow room.  Freeing up plants from being root bound will promote new growth.  Plants can rebound quickly and dramatically from re-potting.  A stronger growing root system will make your plant happier and healthier.

4)Disease Prevention

Root rot happens when roots become damaged from overwatering.  This makes the plant susceptible to disease and makes the roots unable to absorb water.  Clipping off these damaged roots helps a plant recover and your best defense against fungus and disease.

5)  Divide and Conquer

Many plants can be divided to free up space and make new plants.  Re-potting is the ideal time to divide offshoots and pups into self-sufficient plants.