Hydrangeas are a

beautiful addition to the landscape.

The wide range of bloom times; blossoms in blues, pinks, purples, or white; and their tolerance to a wide range of sun exposures make them very versatile.

Did you know?

For Bloom Struck, LA Dreaming Series and Cityline Series, if Aluminum Sulphate is added to the soil the blossoms of these hydrangeas will bloom blue.

Fun Fact:

Bloom Struck, LA Dreaming Series and Cityline Series bloom off both old and new growths so you can prune anytime and not be wrong.

Pruning Hydrangeas

The time to prune is all dependent on the bloom time. Those that have the big blue or pink blooms must only be pruned in the spring to remove winter dieback. Oakleaf Hydrangeas also perform best if given a spring pruning only.

White hydrangea such as Limelight Series, Bobo, and Incrediball should be pruned in early spring as they bloom on new wood.