your early-spring yard + garden checklist 

We’ve been cooped up for far too long. But spring is here to save the day, again. And while we may still have chilly nighttime temps (and even the occasional hard frost), there is plenty you can do out in your yard right now.

Try not to look at this as more for you to do. We see it as a chance to get outside and feel inspired, to feel a sense of accomplishment and there’s nothing to say you can’t pick or choose what you do in your yard and how quickly you check them off.



Altum’s Instagram account is pretty amazing when it comes to inspiration, but truly, inspiration is everywhere. Pay attention to others’ yards on your walks/runs, hop on Instagram or Pinterest and check the schedule for open DIY Snapshot Services with one of our designers. They’ll plan, you plant, with plenty of pointers.


2. check for winterburn.

We’re not the only ones to feel the effects of a long cold winter. Call or email us for pointers on spotting winterburn/injury and the recommended course of action.


3. prune as needed.

Now is a good time to prune diseased or dead branches from any tree or plant. Check here for everything you need to know before you make the cut, including when to prune based on when your plant or tree blooms. And let us know if you ever have questions.



Empty your containers and fill with fresh Altum’s potting soil, custom blended for plants that do well in Indiana. Old soil can become compacted and devoid of nutrients over time, so this is always a worthwhile step.


5. banish the bareness

Bring on the color and texture! Liven up your flowerbeds and containers with colorful, frost-tolerant pansies, hellebores and other cool-loving annuals and perennials. Add a dose of Blooming and Rooting for big, healthy blooms all season.

Or, for busy people and people who don’t want to get their hands dirty, check out our convenient, pre-planted Grab & Go Porch Pots you drop right into your containers.



Give your trees, shrubs, perennials and bulbs some much-needed sustenance with all-natural Elements.



It’s a little too soon for outdoor veggie and herb planting, but choose the ones you love to eat and cook with, then check on what’s available right now. We like to start with cool-weather loving broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, peppers and cabbage and basil and parsley are our favorite indoor herbs.


8. pre-order trees.

Don’t settle for the trees that are left on the lot later. Pre-order trees you know will be good additions to your landscape and lifestyle. Read tags and ask us before you buy to make sure you have enough space for your mature tree or shrub, that you won’t have to prune excessively, that water requirements match your expectations, sun/shade and more.

We also offer delivery and planting services if you’d like us to take care of things for you. And when we do, you qualify for a No-Worries 3-Year Warranty.



You can pull them as they pop up, or you can kill weeds before they appear with an application of Hi-Yield Pre-emergent before spreading a fresh layer of Altum’s Premium Hardwood and Forest Fines Mulch in tree and shrub beds.



If you didn’t clean your yard and garden tools before the end of the year, now is a good time. If you notice rust spots, remove with steel wool, then spray with a rust-prohibitive paint.

11. watch the weather.

This time of year requires us to be flexible in Indiana. Weather can chance drastically from day to day. If you see that there will be a hard freeze or even especially frosty temps, move container plants into the garage or gently cover. The same goes for tender new shoots and buds in your landscape.


12. join us for some fun.

Watch for spring Make & Take Workshops, they fill up fast. These small, fresh-air classes are a fun way to spend time with a family member or friend and leave with something beautiful.


13. do good, feel good.

Return your black plastic pots to Altum’s and we’ll recycle them. Most neighborhood recyclers have stopped taking them, but we have a special partnership with a local recycler.



You can always shop online and pick up in store or curbside. But for the full spring experience, we recommend stopping in and giving yourself a little time to wander. It’s magic time over here.