How to tell what type of help you need to get started loving your outdoor spaces

You know you need a nudge and a little help figuring out where to begin when it comes to your yard. Something isn’t right, it’s just not quite there yet, or has so much more potential to be the space you’ve always wanted, but what comes next? Here’s all you need to know and how to decide between our DIY SNAPSHOT Service and the DO IT FOR ME Service:

Q: What is Altum’s DIY Snapshot Service?

A: It’s the perfect place to begin when you know a space in your yard needs help—and you’re ready to tackle it—you just don’t know where to start. DIY Snapshot is for small projects (under $3500) that can typically be tackled in a weekend or less. We developed our DIY Snapshot Service to go beyond selling plants to people. We want to help you find the right plants for your spaces and know what to do next.

Q: Who is DIY Snapshot for?

A: Do-it-yourselfers who just need some guidance to get started.

DIY Snapshot is personal. You snap photos of your space, and send them ahead of our meeting, along with basic measurements of the space and information on exposure (morning sun, full afternoon sun, shade etc.) Then we sit down together to review photos, talk about the look you’re going for, your goals, even plants or colors you love. You leave with the know-how to get the job done.

Q: Give me a few examples of DIY Snapshot projects.

A: You bet.

  • Renovation facelift (possible removal or transplant of existing materials with addition of new plants)
  • Patio or deck surround
  • Curb appeal upgrade (front of your house approaching your entry)
  • Green screen (for privacy or a barrier from the elements)
  • Utility boxes or other unsightly areas

Q: How much does it cost and what does that include?

A: DIY Snapshot is $200. Here’s what it includes:

  • One hour consultation at Altum’s
  • Discussion of goals + preferences for a specific area
  • Ideas + recommendations from a plant placement professional
  • Placement sketch using your photo(s)
  • Walking discovery + intro to plants
  • Materials list
  • Plant care resources (so you can plant like the pros)
  • $25 gift card

Q: What can I use my $25 gift card on and do I have to use it the same day?

A: Anything for your project! And no, you do not need to use it the same day, but most people are excited to get started.

Q: When can I come in to meet and how long does the process take?

A: We’re flexible! Please check the calendar when you sign up online or ask for the first opening when you call or stop in. The DIY Snapshot meeting takes one hour. And DIYers can tackle most projects in a weekend or less.

Q: If there is one thing to remember about DIY Snapshot, what would that be?

A: We designed this service to empower do-it-yourselfers, and to give you the confidence and knowledge to be successful.

Q: What if I want to plant myself, but I need a detailed landscape sketch for my HOA?

A: We’ve been hearing that more and more homeowner’s associations are requiring plans. We’d be happy to pull together a detailed design sketch. Because our sketches are done by a professional landscape designer, and they’re good at what they do, we do charge $150 to provide these to your HOA.

Q: What if I book a DIY Snapshot Service and then realize the project is too much work for me and I want Altum’s to do it for me?

A: It happens. Sometimes you think it’ll be a small project, but when you see the possibilities, you want to go for it. Or you realize how much work is involved and you have other things you’d rather be doing. We get it.

If you’re someone who has decided to transition to a full landscape plan and you want us to handle things, our Do It For Me (DIFM) Service is for you. Your $200 DIY Snapshot fee will be applied to your DIFM Service (you do not have to pay the full price for each service).

Q: What is Altum’s Do It For Me (DIFM) Service?

A: A chance to sit down with a landscape and plant placement professional who will plan your personalized planting project, create solutions, manage and execute it for you. We will take care of everything.

Q: How is it different than DIY Snapshot?

A: DIY Snapshot is for small projects (under $3500) that you want to do yourself. We help you get organized, find the right plants for your space, and send you off armed with info on where to place them and how to care for them. You provide the sweat equity.

The DIFM Service is for larger projects ($3500+) that you want us to plan, manage and plant for you.

Q: Give me some examples.

A: Sure.

  • Rehab and replant (excavate/rip out overgrown landscape and replace)
  • Premium builder upgrade (save and transplant existing desirable plants, upgrade to ideal specimens, accomplish your privacy and aesthetic goals, etc.)
  • Phased upgrades (investing in one area at a time to establish your ideal outcome)

Q: How much does it cost and what does that include?

A: The Do It For Me Service is $500. Here’s what it includes:

  • Full 3-year Tree + Shrub Replacement Warranty
  • Two one-hour consultations at Altum’s (one up front, and one to review plans)
  • Discussion of goals and preferences
  • Ideas + recommendations from a landscape and plant placement professional
  • Walking discovery + intro to plants
  • DIFM placement sketch and estimate
  • Project management
  • Bed prep + amendment (for new and existing beds)

Altum’s specializes in plants and plant placement. It’s what we’re best at. We do not provide hardscape as part of our planning.

Q: Will you be able to get to my project right away?

A: We recommend scheduling an appointment as early in the off-season as possible. We’ll work with you on your goals and timelines.

Q: How do I get started with either service?

A: Just hop online and go to PLANTING SERVICES to sign up, pay and reserve your spot with us!