Wanted to rock your world with this handy Houseplant Care Guide that includes info on watering, light and other little insider tips.


(Mother-in-law Tongue, Snake plant, Oxygen plant)

Great for office or bedroom and one of the easiest plants to grow. 

  • low to medium light
  • water sparingly, once every 2wks or more (let dry between watering)
  • vertical, architectural leaves

Chinese evergreen

(Red Siam, Sparkling Sarah, Silver Bay, Lady Valentine)

Doesn’t care for high light and very easy for beginners. 

  • low to medium indirect light
  • water once top inch is dry
  • red and green varieties

ZZ plant

(Zanzibar Gem)

Beautiful shiny leaves and interesting texture. Easy to grow. Don’t over-water.

  • low light
  • must dry out between watering, water once every few weeks to one a month
  • graceful and wand-like stems


(Bird’s Nest, Staghorn, Button, Lemon Button, Maidenhair, Kimberly)

Whimsical fronds in all textures that love humidity and an early-day mist. 

  • low to medium light
  • like to be evenly moist, with good drainage
  • textured, airy and interesting


(Janet Craig, Warneckii, Lisa, Tricolor, Marginata Cane)

Graphic and stylish in offices, living rooms and any area that needs height.

  • low to medium light
  • allow top inch to dry, then water generously
  • many different varieties


(Monstera, Red Congo, Swiss Cheese)

Many different eye-catching varieties that are very easy to grow. 

  • medium light
  • allow top inch to dry, then water generously
  • fast-growing climbing and upright varieties

PILEA Peperomia

(Chinese Money Plant, Pilea, Coin Plant, Pancake Plant)

Whimsical but hardy little designer-friendly plant. 

  • medium to high, indirect (morning) light
  • water generously once a week, allow to dry out between
  • rotate to keep it from getting lopsided


(Umbrella Tree, Dwarf Umbrella)

Lovely, shapely leaves. Prune a bit to keep full, not leggy. 

  • medium bright but indirect light
  • water all the way through, then allow to dry between watering
  • yellow, dropping leaves usually mean your soil is too wet


(Fiddle Leaf, Moclame, Audrey)

New easy-to-care for varieties of this Pinterest darling. 

  • bright, indirect (morning) light
  • good drink once a week, stay consistent (try a Moisture Meter)
  • avoid direct light and cold drafts


(Echeveria, Sedum, Jade, Haworthia, Kalanchoe)

Low-maintenance and architectural, in a variety of shapes, shades and textures.

  • bright indirect light (not scorching sun)
  • water every 2-3 weeks and let them dry out completely between watering
  • Jades and Aloes like a bit more moisture


all illustrations by Kelly Made.

Also, a kit for the new Plant Parent: 

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