Keep your containers looking like they did the day you brought them home. Or better.

Porch Pots are a solution to so many problems.

Always busy? Our designers handpick seasonal plants and plant them in a fiber pot. You can just drop them right into your containers.

Consider yourself a decorator, not a gardener? We plant for you so you’re not scooping soil, adding fertilizer and trying to figure out what plants do best in sun or shade.

In a hurry? Grab one or two on your way home from work and drop them in your containers before your dinner guests arrive.

But we’re not just into pretty pots for a day.
So how do you keep your Porch Pots looking as good as (or better) than the day you brought them home? Easy!

1) Make sure to check for moisture daily.

If the top 1” of soil feels dry, water thoroughly until the container drains from the bottom. Focus on watering the roots, not the flowers and leaves.

Note: your shade containers may need less watering than their sunny partners, since water won’t be evaporating as quickly.

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2) Fertilize every 2 weeks with Jack’s Petunia FeEd.

This fertilizer is a beast, in a good way, and best for new varieties of flowers, beyond simply petunias.

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3) Pinch back spent blooms.

This isn’t mandatory, but for best results and optimal longevity, pinch back (remove) blooms that are past their prime to the nearest set of leaves to promote reblooming. It also keeps your pot looking fresh in the day-to-day.’

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