keep your Porch Pots looking like the day they were delivered. even better.

We always say that busy people deserve beautiful pots, too. And so, whether you travel, are always running with your family or just have an extra full schedule, we’ll do all the work for you, and we’ll deliver to your door. Just drop into your containers and take all the credit.

But we’re not just into pretty pots for a day. Ours actually get better with time when you follow a few simple tips. 

1) Make sure to check for moisture daily.

If the top 1 inch of soil feels dry, water slowly and thoroughly until the container drains from the bottom. Focus on watering the roots, not the flowers and leaves. We like to water early in the morning before its hot and water can evaporate.

Note: Your shade containers may need less watering than their sunny partners, since water won’t be evaporating as quickly. And when it’s extra hot, you might want to check your pots in the morning and evening, just in case. We like to do that with a cup of coffee and a cocktail, in that order.

watch our watering tips


2) Fertilize every 2 weeks with Jack’s Petunia FeEd.

This fertilizer is a beast, in a good way, and best for new varieties of flowers, beyond simply petunias. If you sat two pots next to each other and gave one Jack’s Petunia Feed and the other nothing, you’d quickly see a noticeable difference in the volume, number and staying power of your blooms.

Trust us on this one, it’s more than worth it to work into your watering schedule.

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3) Pinch back spent blooms.

This isn’t mandatory, but for best results and optimal longevity, pinch back (remove) blooms that are past their prime to the nearest set of leaves to promote reblooming. It also keeps your plants from getting leggy (e.g. long, gangly stems without blooms) and your pot looking fresh and tidy in the day-to-day.

watch our deadheading tips


4) consider a porch pot membership to save even more time.

Memberships include four (4) seasonal porch pots (one for each season: spring, summer, fall and winter) and we’ll handle the timing, delivery and replacing the old with the new. We’ll email you when your next pot is coming just so you know, but no need to be home. You’ll love your auto-pilot pretty pots.

Any questions? Call us at (317) 733-4769 or email us. We can’t wait to talk with you.