What is Anthracnose?

A fungal disease that is used to describe a variety of diseases that cause foliar damage, and in extreme cases defoliation in trees. It thrives in warm, moist conditions and because it can survive on plant debris, it spreads easily.

How to Diagnose the Problem

Look for irregular, light brown spots of dead tissue or purple-rimmed spots or large brown blotches on leaves.  On dogwoods, flowers will have dark brown steaky lesions.  Anthracnose can affect ash, maples, dogwoods, sycamores, tulip trees, walnuts, oaks and horsechesnuts. You will see anthracnose between March – May.

How to Control Them
  • CHEMICAL FUNGICIDE: Spray Fungonil on infected foliage or use Systemic Fungicide can be used as a preventative. Apply from bud break until the leaves are fully grown.
  • EARTH FRIENDLY: Collect and destroy damaged leaves to prevent re-occurrence the following year.  Copper Soap Fungicide can be applied from bud break until the leaves are fully formed.