What are they? 

Insects widely considered some of the most damaging and hard to control pests in the garden. Adults have oval-shaped metallic green bodies and bronze-colored wings. In midsummer when eggs hatch, young grubs emerge ready to feed. Plants affected by aphids are: roses, cherry, serviceberry, million bells, petunias, beans, oaks, viburnums, hibiscus and others. You will see them April through October.

How to Diagnose the Problem

Aphids can can cause damage to virtually any plant.  Look for curled or distorted leaves, sticky residue on leaves or the presence of sooty mold and the presence of a large quantity of ants on the plant.

How to Control Them

Here are some things to keep in mind at any stage:

  • INSECTICIDE: Spray Eight or Indoor/Outdoor Spray
  • EARTH FRIENDLY: All Seasons Oil can be used.  Lady bugs are natural predators.