What is it?

A common fungal infection that attacks the leaves and fruit of apples and crabapples. Initially an aesthetic problem, the untreated fungus can weaken a tree over time.

How to Diagnose the Problem

Look for brown to olive green spots on young leaves. Spots on older leaves appear black and slightly raised.  Severely infected leaves will turn yellow and fall to the ground. Trees affected are: apples, crabapples, pear, quince.

How to Control
  • Remove infected leaves that fall to the ground in summer and fall
  • CHEMICAL FUNGICIDE: Treat with Fungonil or Systemic Fungicide in early spring when leaf buds open through flowering
  • EARTH FRIENDLY: Plant resistant varieties, we can help suggest the good ones. Treat with Copper Soap in early spring as soon as leaf buds start to open and every 7-10 days while symptoms are still present.