What are slugs?

A shell-less, nocturnal relative of snails that usually measure 1-2” and can range in color from white to black. Generally harmless to humans and their interests, they can be quite counter-productive in the garden, eating plants faster than they can grow.

How to Diagnose the Problem

Look for irregular holes with smooth edges and a silvery slime trail on plants and soil nearby.  They feed on hostas, strawberries, tomatoes, sedums, delphiniums, beans, peas, seedlings and young plants.  They can be seen April through October.

How to Control Them
  • EARTH FRIENDLY: Slug and Snail Bait
  • Rough “shells” that will scrape the delicate flesh such as: egg shells, hardware cloth, wood ashes. Also placing beer in a shallow lid that is level with the ground will attract and eliminate slugs.