12 things you can do in your yard now to get outside and create something beautiful

Everything is greening up, a few early bloomers are showing off and we’re seeing buds everywhere (hello, Redbuds!). The sun is shining and warm days are coming.

Here’s what you can do to get a little exercise, feel a sense of accomplishment and get your yard looking its spring best:
  1. Rake and remove old, fall leaves from landscape beds.
  2. Prune back any broken or damaged branches on trees and shrubs.
  3. Prune back perennial grasses to 6”.
  4. Prune summer-flowering* shrubs such as White flowering hydrangeas, Spirea or Rose of Sharon. See our pruning guide for details.* do not prune spring-flowering shrubs until after blooms are spent.
  5. Rake and fluff existing mulch then apply fertilizer and weed prevention.
  6. Apply Organic Plant Magic or 12-12-12 to all plants (see package directions).
  7. Apply Weed stopper with Dimension for best control of annual weeds in beds and lawn (see package directions).
  8. Apply Iron Plus for acid loving plants (i.e. hollies, boxwood, dogwood, magnolia, maples)
  9. Edge around landscape beds to maintain clean lines and curves. We love to use our Spearhead Spade.
  10. Add 2-3” Hardwood Mulch in existing beds.
  11. Add Grass Seed to any bare spots in the lawn or overseed if necessary. See package directions or ask us for advice.
  12. Give containers a good clean by emptying old soil and washing with a warm, soapy water. Add fresh potting soil before replanting with cool-loving pansies or drop in pre-planted Porch Pots.


Let us know if you have any questions. You can call (317) 733-GROW (4769), email or chat with us online at altums.com. You can also shop online anytime and we’ll deliver everything.