Low-maintenance landscape choices
for your smallest spaces

More and more people are asking about trees and shrubs that fit a tight space or fill a hole in their landscape. They’re looking for hardy, native varieties that are slow-growing and/or compact, cutting down on prune time and the sprawling, leggy look we’ve all seen in neglected landscapes. 

We turn to these trees and shrubs for their blooms, four-season interest and drought tolerance as much as their compact size and shape. Here’s what you need to know to fight the right ones for you:

Top 5 Small Trees 

  1. Little Volunteer Tulip  »  click here to learn more  
  2. Little Twist Cherry  »  click here to learn more
  3. Ruby Tears Crabapple  »  click here to learn more
  4. Fringetree  »  click here to learn more
  5. Ruby Falls Redbud  »  click here to learn more

Top 5 Small Shrubs 

  1. Showoff Sugar Baby Forsythia  »  click here to learn more 
  2. Yuki Snowflake Deutzia  »  click here to learn more
  3. Blue Shadow Fothergilla  »  click here to learn more
  4. St. Mary’s Broom Spruce  »  click here to learn more
  5. Spilled Wine Weigela  »  click here to learn more