The Top 5 Fall PLANTS AND OTHER GOODIES for Your Pots

When you want to plant something interesting

People get really excited about fall containers. Probably because summer has a way of bleaching much of the color and character from our yards. Fall is about bringing back the good stuff. Plus it’s much more forgiving when you have watering amnesia, a condition brought on by vacations, too much time at the pool and other pressing summer stuff (we kid).

You could say we qualify as people who get excited about decorating with plants this time of year. We’re mildly obsessed. So here are 5 of our favorites for this fall, picks we made thanks to their color, texture and cool-weather tolerance:


Close relatives of edible cabbage, but bred for its good looks, not flavor. We love their rosy, creamy-white highlights and the way they unfurl from a tight, waxy bud. Try them in staggered rows in your landscape or tuck them into a container arrangement.


2. Heuchera

The ultimate container ‘filler’ or lush groundcover. Find fall hues from amber to deep violet and thick, interesting foliage that really adds important contrast and fullness. You might also know them as Coral Bells.



Pansies have come a long way and have dipped their toes into stunning midnight blacks and really interesting ombre colorways. Plus, if you have literally a few seconds to pinch back spent blooms, you’ll be rewarded with more blooms and a fuller plant.



We’re guilty, we thought these were kind of past their prime, relics of another generation. We were so wrong. And in spicy yellows, oranges and reds, large bushy mopheads, all texture and happiness, they have fall written all over them.



You’re already on the bandwagon for porch steps, windowsills and tablescapes, so why not add to your porch pots. Tuck them in around your cabbage and kale and mix up the textures and colors. We love them in our windowboxes, too.

For the coolest, most interesting fall annuals, PUMPKINS AND GOURDS out there, stop into the garden center and see what we’re planting AND HOW WE’RE DECORATING.

And if you want to skip to the good stuff, use this guide for creating your containers at home. Our Guide to Planting & Care will take you through some of the basics of planting, watering and fertilizing, but always check your plant tags or ask a garden center expert for more specific instructions. And if that’s too much trouble or you’re having guests like now, breeze in for some Porch Pots that are expertly planted for the season and can be dropped right into your containers. No one needs to know you didn’t plant them yourself.