Heat-tolerant annuals that will stand up to summer heat  

Planting a pretty container or landscape bed is easy enough in spring. But we’ve seen gorgeous plantings fizzle at the first signs of summer heat.

Luckily there are annuals especially for the sun and heat of summer. In fact, they need sun to flower well and many like their soil on the dry side. Here are 5 of our favorites, picks we made thanks to their heat-tolerance, generous bloom time and low-maintenance requirements:

1. Lantana

That scorched spot with relentless afternoon sun? Just add Lantana. Known for being low-maintenance, requiring little moisture and blooming all season long. Comes in many colors.

2. Angelonia

Sometimes called summer snapdragon for its upright, flower spires in deep violet purple, pink and white. Excellent and sweetly fragrant container plants that bloom best in full to part sun.

3. mandevilla

This tropical vine bears a non-stop supply of large, trumpet-shaped blooms that view sunshine as a non-negotiable. And when we say non-stop, we mean ultra-ample blooms for weeks and weeks by the pool, in your pots and on a trellis by the mailbox.

4. Petunias

Known as a foolproof favorite cascading from containers or spreading out in full waves of groundcover. Prolific bloomers in virtually any color, Petunias do well in full or part sun.

5. Zinnias

Another sun worshipper that thrives in high heat and strong sun. Bright vibrant colors come in a variety of shapes and sizes that attract birds and butterflies.

You’ll find many of these annuals in flats, porch pots and hanging baskets, so be sure to take a look around online. If you don’t find what you’re looking for or have questions on care, please give us a call at (317) 733-4769!