How to keep your plants looking like ours

We hear from people all the time who love the plants they pick out at the garden center only to get them home and watch them wither. It’s frustrating, expensive and enough to make people think they don’t have what it takes.

Not true.

The truth is, there are simple things you can do—things we do in the garden center and at home—that will make all the difference. Make sure you pay attention to your plant tag and give your plant the water and light it needs. Then try products that were created with gardeners like you in mind.

Our list includes favorites that work especially well in Indiana’s dense, clay soil and plenty of Jack’s products because, well, they work. We use them in our own containers, yards and gardens and here’s why:

  1. Jack’s Petunia Food A water-soluble fertilizer specially blended for the new & improved flowers like petunias, million bells, diascia and more. Jack’s Petunia Food encourages compact plants with a lot of blooms.  No more pinching back those leggy petunias.
  2. Jack’s Blossom Booster Another water-soluble fertilizer especially for brighter colors and more blooms on traditional flowering plants like geraniums, begonias and marigolds. Great for containers.
  3. Jack’s Slow Release Granular Fertilizer Mix into your soil when planting for up to four months of slowly released nutrients. We love to use in our containers.  Giving your plants a one-two punch for extra bloom power.
  4. Altum’s Soil Amendment All-natural, earth-friendly organic matter that turns your soil into the perfect nourishing environment for plants, shrubs and trees. Ask us about how much you need for your project.
  5. Elements The all-purpose organic alternative to Miracle Gro that you can use when planting or watering. Especially effective at busting up our dense clay soil and invigorating root growth for flowers, veggies, trees, shrubs, even lawns.