Almost every season and every space

Perennials are by nature optimists. They rise to the occasion, returning year after year, as if they know we appreciate a good investment. We like that about them.

And because perennials return year after year, the work required of you is minimal. Peonies, one of our most favorite perennials, have been known to grow in the same spot they were originally planted in for over 50 years. That is definitely the exception, but even after many perennials’ flowering begins to diminish, they will spread and self propagate to new areas of the garden.

So when is the right time to plant perennials? 


One of the most popular times to plant perennials is spring, when the winter-weary among us (i.e. almost everyone!) are anxious for color and something other than gray skies and bare yards.

But perennials can be planted any time the soil is workable. That includes during the heat of summer, you’ll just want to be a bit more diligent about watering. Remember, you can plant to your heart’s content in summertime, just wait to transplant existing plants and trees until fall.

How to Choose

You’ll want to check the tag on your plant (or read the details in our online listing) to make sure you’re planting for the correct exposure (e.g. full sun) and allowing enough space for the plant at its mature size. Beyond that, your choices are so vast, you may have trouble deciding.

In that case, check our list of the Top 10 Easy-care Perennials to get you started. Or hop online to check out the New Arrivals or Perennials online categories for gorgeous new and fan-favorite varieties spring through fall.


As we mentioned, you can plant perennials any time the soil is workable.

Once you’ve chosen your plants, check out A Guide to Planting & Care, a reference that will take you through planting, watering, fertilizing and pruning.