Have you ever walked the dog past someone’s house and wondered what kind of flowers were in their pots or window boxes? You love them, their color or shape or the way they cascade over the edge of the container, but chances are good, you may not know what they’re called. Which can make it tough to find what you’re looking for when it comes to planting your own pots.

As plant people, we sometimes forget that not everyone knows the formal or informal names for plants. It’s sort of like a second language for us. But every spring, people come into the garden center trying to describe a plant or flower they’ve seen in someone else’s yard, and they usually begin with the color. Which got us thinking.

Shop by Color

Why not create sections in the garden center and online where people can shop by color? Whether you’re looking for a specific yellow flower or you’re just looking to add that color to your porch, patio or landscape, you can find what you’re looking for…fast.

Head for the white section for some Bobo Hydrangeas, David Austin Roses or the flowering shrub, Little Henry Sweetspire. Looking for blue or purple? Try Bloomstruck Hydrangeas or Bloomerang Lilacs. And yellow? Pansies, Golden Peep Forsythia or more David Austin Roses.

So look for the signs or search online for your favorite colors. You can save the plant tag with its name, or take a picture of it for next year.

Other Shopping Shortcuts

We knew we were on to something when we started grouping our plants by color. What about creating sections for all different varieties of Dwarf Evergreens or Rabbit & Deer Resistant plants?

Now, when you come into the garden center, you can browse perennials and annuals for small spaces, plants that are tried and true in Indiana, shade lovers, rebloomers, even plants that are blooming right now, for the ultimate in instant gratification.

We want to make it easier to find your perfect plant mate. Because plants make everything better. 

See you in the garden center and online at altums.com this spring!

One response to “Shop by color…and other shopping shortcuts”

  1. Vicki Wilkey says:

    I want to order the pansies for pick up but I don’t know what the choices mean because I can’t find it description of spring mix etc. I like the purple and the yellow ones- which makes is that? Thanks

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