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Early Spring Gardening Checklist

Checkbox-imagePLANT PANSIES

Liven up your flowerbeds, containers, windowboxes, windowsill pots and tablescapes with some colorful, frost resistant pansies. Jack’s Bloom Booster will help keep plants healthy.

Checkbox-imageWALK YOUR YARD

The last couple of years have been tough on our landscapes. Walk your yard and if you see anything questionable, take a photo or bring in a sample and we can help.


Schedule a one-on-one consult at the garden center to get you going in the right direction. Find out more to find the plan that’s right for you. Great for one small area or to revitalize your entire yard.

Checkbox-imageSTOP WEEDS

A fresh layer of Altum’s Hardwood Mulch is a quick and natural defense against weeds. Check this out for tips on figuring out how much you need.

Checkbox-imageSTOP CRABGRASS

Between now and May 1st, apply Crabgrass Preventer to crabgrass.

Checkbox-imageFILL IN THE BLANKS

Reseed and reestablish with seed created especially for Indiana lawns (Execu-Turf). Fertilome Starter Fertilizer will support your seed for a healthy start.

Checkbox-imageFEED YOUR PLANTS

Give your trees, shrubs, perennials, and bulbs some much-needed attention with All Purpose Fertilizer 10-10-10.


Vegetables like asparagus, cabbage, cauliflower, onions, peas, potatoes, radishes, rhubarb and spinach will grow well on cool days and take light frost. Start here for everything you need to know on starting your veggie garden.


And while you’re still spending more time indoors than out, rummage around in your kitchen, basement or garage for a vintage, sparkling or special container like a covered cake stand, cookie or apothecary jar or flea market vase (it can be covered or open). Find out how to build yours , create yours at The Potting Bar or come see us for everything you need.

Checkbox-imageTAKE A CLASS

Instant inspiration, gorgeous make & takes and great time spent with friends. Check out our upcoming workshops and Make & Takes and save your spot.

Let’s grow together. Stop in, call 317.733.GROW and find what you need online.

Pansy Flat


18 plants per flat

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Pleased-to-Meet-You Pansies

One of the garden’s friendliest, easiest-to-grow flowers, pansies bring color, charm, and cheer to your coolweather garden or container. Virtually disease and pest-free, pansies have one of the widest color ranges of any garden flower, including blooms in ranges of red, purple, bronze, pink, black, yellow, white, lavender, orange, apricot, and mahogany. Flowers may display a single color or dazzle with a combination of two to three colors and dark, central “faces.”

How to Care for Your Pansies

  • LIGHT: Thrive in partial shade locations that provide morning and late afternoon sun with shade in the heat of the day—this is especially important for spring-planted pansies.
  • TEMPERATURE: Prefer cooler conditions around the 40˚F mark. In the event of a frost, especially with newly planted pansies, cover to prevent damage.
  • WATER: Keep moist, but be careful not to soak. A layer of shredded hardwood mulch is ideal for keeping out heat and sealing in moisture.
  • FERTILIZER: Feed biweekly with water-soluble liquid fertilizer.
  • PLACEMENT: Terrific in containers and as a pretty garden border. Pansies make an especially striking fall combo with kale, mums, and ornamental grasses.
CARE: Keep old flowers pinched off to force more blossoms. In hot temperatures, when pansy flowering may slow, pinch back, keep well watered, add additional mulch, fertilize, and hold out for cooler temperatures.

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