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Swiss Cheese Plant


The Split-leaf Philodendron, or Swiss Cheese Plant pairs perfectly with a nice glass of Pinot Noir and otherwise stylish surroundings. Also known as Monstera deliciosa, think large, glossy, heart-shaped Monstera leaves that split with the desired amount of light (medium to bright).

Growing Tip: These beauties prefer roomier pots so they don’t become root bound. Generally, the larger the pot, the larger the leaf. We have some beauties ready when you are.

LIGHT: Low to medium light (north or east facing rooms)
WATER: Likes to dry out a little between watering (7-10 days)
FERTILIZER: Use Jack’s Houseplant Food March-August
TEMPERATURE: between 65-75 degrees- away from drafts
INSIDER TIP: Making a comeback as a popular houseplant (think fiddleleaf fig)

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