After a beautiful blooming spring, June has turned out to be a warm muggy soggy month.

While it is has been great in keeping our lawns green and good for established plants, it has caused many problems for newly planted items both in the ground and in containers.  In-ground Vegetable gardens are struggling from the constant supply of moisture (another good reason to have a raised bed veggie garden) and even our container gardens haven’t flourished like they should with blossoms getting pounded from the heavy down pours.  From the onslaught of slugs on hostas to rose slugs in the rose leaves;  and now the fungus among us begins.

Here are some tips you can do to keep those blooms blooming and looking beautiful and protect your investment of your landscape:

Container garden tips

  • Pinch or clip battered blooms and foliage to encourage new growth.  Fertilize with Jacks Food to replenish the nutrients that have been washed away.  Continue to fertilize every 2 weeks for continuous blooms.
  • Be sure that your pots are elevated and draining off your patio and decks to prevent root rot.  Use Down Under Plant Feet to get your pots off the ground and draining.

Trees-Shrubs- perennials

  • Apply Fertilome Root Stimulator every 2 weeks to deliver valuable nutrients to newly planted trees, shrubs and perennials.
  • Apply systemic fungicide to ward off any fungus.  Check for signs of fungus by looking for powdery mildew or black spot or yellowing leaves.
  • Apply Slug bait to help control slugs and snails attacking hostas and other leafy plants in the garden.


  • Remove spent blooms as needed to encourage continuous blooms all summer
  • While plants will be under stress, pests will start targeting weaker plants. Fertilomes Rose Food and Systemic insecticide to help guard against the pests and keep roses blooms all summer.

Fresh Off the Truck new summer bloomers can freshen up your pots.

  • New arrivals of big bloomers add instant color.
  • Fresh perennials to fill in empty spots in your garden.

Does your landscape need a new look?

Now is the perfect time to think about any landscape projects.  Visit our Landscape Services page and schedule a consultation either on site for professional installation and design or a snapshot consultation for quick weekend DIY projects you may want to tackle yourself.

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