Spring has hit us like a ton of bricks this year. Just a reminder that just because if feels like summer today doesn’t mean we are out of the woods yet. Our unpredictable weather can change overnight and we may see a few more snowflakes this year. Get a jump start while the weather is warm. Here’s a quick checklist to your yard in shape for spring.

  • Walk around the yard assessing any winter damage or potential problems that need to be addressed.
  • Remove any winter protection around plants and rake up any leftover leaves from fall.
  • Prune back perennials, grasses, and roses. Prune summer flowering shrubs such as Spirea, Butterfly Bush, or Rose of Sharon.
  • Apply 10-10-10 and Weed Stopper (also Iron Plus for acid loving plants).
  • Edge around beds to maintain the curves and lines.
  • Put down Hardwood Mulch to depth of 3” in existing beds.
  • Seed any bare spots in the lawn or overseed if necessary.

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