Who knew you could plant AND enjoy bulbs in fall?!  (Well, we did, but we do this for a living, so hey!). Get these bulbs in the ground now and they’ll reward you with large cup- or waterlily-shaped flowers that look like spring, even though it’s fall.

Why you might want to seriously consider these: 

✓  Planting bulbs is really easy
Dig (about 5in for small bulbs, 8in for large), drop in, you’re done! Don’t forget to cover your bulbs with soil (but ‘dig, drop, done’ sounds better!)

 ✓  Plant in fall, enjoy in fall
Normally you have to have a little vision (or patience) when you plant spring-blooming bulbs in fall. Not this time. These bloom early to mid fall.

 ✓  They’re really pretty
Slim stems and 20-plus light purple-pink cup-shaped flowers from each bulb.

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