Altum’s houseplant picks for your Bedroom & bathroom.

It’s a hobby of ours to stay in touch with design and decorating trends and plants have been popping up everywhere. Including the bedroom and bath. And why not? They really do spark joy.

Adding plants to your bedroom can evoke the same benefits and feelings people experience when they connect with–even just gaze at–nature. Research shows plants, trees and even tiny reminders of the natural world make us calmer, lower our blood pressure and help us breathe easier. Which is always important, but especially so when we’re resting and rejuvenating.

So we thought it might be practical and fun to ask around the garden center for some of our favorite picks for bedrooms and bathrooms. We’d love to hear yours, too. 



Your haven of rest and rejuvenation should be worry-free. And breathing easy gets even easier with these healing, air purifying beauties.


A succulent commonly used in herbal medicine and associated with health and healing, Aloe is an excellent air purifier. It also requires little watering.


Doesn’t exactly sound relaxing, we know, but Snake Plant’s spear like, slender stalks have been associated with healthful benefits like headache reduction (give it a try!). Plus, they’re known to not only clear the air, but release oxygen while you sleep. At any rate, it’s also considered one of the most tolerant decorative plants around, something we like in a place where we come to relax.


The name might be reason enough. Especially for the forgetful among us. ZZs grow best with little human intervention. The glossy, feather-shaped leaves sit on wand-like stems and are so perfect they almost look fake. The best part? The ZZ will thrive in everything from low to high light, which makes it perfect for a dim corner or a bright room. Treat it like a cactus and less is more when it comes to watering.


So, we know a few things about this high-traffic area: it’s humid, there’s not a lot of counter space and we’re a little distracted by our reflection in the mirror.


These beauties originated in the tropics, so they have a natural love of steam and humidity. Pair that with a bright window in your bathroom, and you’ve got the perfect spot for an orchid. Low maintenance and attractive, the perfect companion.


We saw this headline for the Trailing Pothos: ‘The Perfect Houseplant for People Who Kill.’ Funny, but true. You’ve probably seen them in cubicles, because they can grow in high, low, even artificial light. Magic! Normal watering without letting the soil become swampy.


As delicious as it sounds, this handsome, textural topiary is actually a variety of Monterey cypress. Give yours a good soak once a week and a full day of direct sun each day to keep it happy. You’ll be rewarded with hints of lemony goodness when you gently brush its foliage. Slight bathroom humidity will help fill the air with lemon as well.


What are your favorites?

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