Solutions to supply chain challenges that make us all happy

March 9, 2022  |  EDITED APRIL 16, 2023
By Dana Altum


Regular people like us are talking about the supply chain like we used to talk about the weather. Everyone has a story about a backordered couch, missing microchips for cars or epic shipping delays. We’re more aware than ever about parts, ingredients and natural resources, and where they come from.  

But plants and fresh holiday trees and greens are different, right? Not exactly. They don’t require parts and assembly, but they do need time. And there’s no rushing how quickly trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals will grow.

Then factor in the pandemic. Businesses had downtime, labor shortages and people were out sick and worse. There was unseasonably cold weather in southern states, droughts, fires and shortages of everything from lumber to lemons. Then gas prices soared and transport was expensive.


Is it any wonder people turned to plants?

People were home, lonely and craving connection. Plants were quiet company, pretty, uncomplicated. We wanted our homes to be a refuge from the chaos, and getting outside kept us from going a little crazy. It still does.

Planting indoors and out is therapeutic, good for our physical and mental well being and watching our plants grow gives us a sense of peace and accomplishment. So does having fresh, fragrant holiday greenery and plants in your home, especially during the dead of winter.

This moment in the spotlight that plants are still experiencing was an unexpected, but welcome surprise. More people are finally discovering what we’ve always known: plants make everything better.  

But growers aren’t mind readers.

Demand for plants and trees hit an all-time high over the last couple years, something growers couldn’t have expected. And everything from plastic pots and many of the materials used to make fertilizer are in short supply.

Good thing we’re resilient in this industry. We have to be. Much of what we do is dependent upon the weather and time. But many people were forced to pivot. We were lucky enough to keep doing what we’ve always done.

There is no green industry supply chain issue that can’t be solved with communication chain solutions.

Lucky for us, we’ve always believed in the best practice of working with local growers whenever we can. We’ve shortened the supply chain and worked on a strong and personal communication chain.

We’ve not only formed partnerships with trusted local growers, but we’ve had many of these relationships for decades. We know we can count on each other to be flexible and resilient. These are relationships my dad, Bob, started and ones I’ve invested in and relied on. My son Kirk is talking with the next generation of family farmers and growers.

We’ve also diversified a bit for specialty trees, shrubs and seasonal items, working with best-in-class growers in a business we all believe in.


We really started focusing on e-commerce about 10 years ago. We knew the data showed that even when people didn’t buy online, they did research online. We added more resources and plant material to our website. Naturally, it was convenient to go one step further and ‘Buy Now.’

We always based online sales on inventory. And then we realized if we could determine demand ahead of time, we could give you more choices, reserve your order early with our grower, handpick the best of the bunch, then have them ready when the weather was right and you were ready to plant.


In 2022, our entire Spring Collection went online for pre-order in February. AND OUR ENTIRE HOLIDAY COLLECTION IN OCTOBER. 

Pre-ordering is smart. It’s a sustainable way to do business and eliminate waste. It’s a way for us to offer you as many choices and alternatives as possible, especially when they are in short supply. It ensures that product is fresh and ready to thrive when you bring it home. And it’s so easy to do online, plus free delivery with minimum order and the option to have us plant for you. 

Give it a try if you haven’t already and let us know what you think. We’ll be watching for other ways to bring you more of what you want in a convenient way, and we’ll always be focused on the overall experience, online and in everything we bring to you. 


In 2023, our entire Spring Collection went online for pre-order in january, including free delivery with minimum purchase. Stay tuned for all the ways we’ll be making it even easier to get what you need. 


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