Spring is coming and we can’t wait, maybe more than ever before. You may have heard a few things are changing at Altum’s, so we wanted to share some important details as we grow.

We will no longer have a retail store open to the public. We worked diligently over the past 18 months with city planners, lawyers and landowners to open a permanent Altum’s at Finley Creek, but it became clear it wasn’t going to happen. We decided it was time to move on and reinvent the garden center, making it even easier to grow, garden, plant and enjoy your yard. We’re now the garden center that delivers. Most of all, we are ready to bring you everything you need for spring and beyond…in a whole new way!

What will be available this spring?     

All of your favorites, as usual. Annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs, soil and mulch. We will have everything you’ve grown to count on us for over the years.

You’re closing the Altum’s at Finley Creek location?

The physical garden center at Finley Creek is closed, yes. But Altum’s will now bring plants, ideas, planting services and much more to your door!

Wait, you’re delivering everything to me?

Yes, everything! Delivery to your door is free when you spend a small minimum.

What if I don’t meet the minimum?

We’ll deliver to all our local addresses for a small delivery fee.

So how and when can I shop this spring?

You can shop online right now and pre-order for spring! It’s really easy to shop for all your seasonal favorites. Every annual, perennial, porch pot, shrub and tree is handpicked for health and freshness, features full-color photography, plant descriptions, growing instructions and other product recommendations.

You can even select planting services at checkout.

What if I’m not comfortable shopping online?

No problem! You can call us at (317) 733-4769 and we can place an order for you.

We’ll discuss your outdoor spaces and goals and can make recommendations to solve problems, add practical and pretty layers over time and plant with purpose (i.e. choosing the right plants for the right places).

What if I want you to walk my yard with me before you make recommendations?

You can schedule an At-Home Yard and Garden Consultation. A design and planting expert will come to you, bring plants for reference, then walk your yard with you and talk about the possibilities.

How long will it take for delivery?

We’ll begin delivery on spring pre-orders April 10.
After that, order by Sunday each week for weekend delivery.

What if I need something sooner?

Contact us directly and let’s find what you need.

Do I have to be home for delivery?

No. But you can if you want to say hi!

What if I can’t find what I want online?

We want to hear from you! Get in touch with us at (317) 733-4769 or askaltums.com and we can find what you need, create something for you or find fresh alternatives.

Will you plant for me?

Yes, absolutely! You can select planting services at online checkout.

What if I have questions about the right plants for me, care tips, etc.?

You can always search our Plant Care Library for all kinds of seasonal tips, guidelines, trouble-shooting and more any time of day. And as always, call or email for fast, friendly and personal advice.

Will the Altum’s staff I know be answering calls and emails, meeting with me, delivering and planting?

Yes! We are so lucky to have a tight-knit group of Altum’s experts, the same friendly people you’ve come to know and trust. You can ask for one of us by name or we’d all be thrilled to help.

I really liked wandering the aisles in spring, seeing and smelling everything available. Now what do I do?

We love that, too. But think of it this way: you can ‘wander the aisles’ online in your pajamas. At 2am. Or anytime. You can find an ‘online plant tag’ with all the information you need and you’ll see that your plant pairs well with other plants (and order them online, too). Or you can call us and we’ll talk you through everything and place an order for you.

Everything comes farm-to-owner fresh, and we deliver it all as soon as we receive from the grower.

If you have doubts or questions about how this will work, please hop online to see how it easy it is to find everything you’re looking for and more. Or reach out to anyone on our team and we guarantee you’ll feel as excited as we do!


17 responses to “Things are Changing at Altum’s: Important Details as We Grow”

  1. Brenda Regan says:

    This is devastating news and a great loss to the Zionsville community! I will dearly miss the old Altum’s for a long time to come! I hope that something can be worked out in the retail area, but it sounds like this won’t happen. So sad…

    • Dana Altum says:

      Dear Brenda,
      We were disappointed, too, but we are still planning on having a big presence in the Zionsville community and surrounding area. Thank you very much for your kind words. Can we interest you in delivering spring to your door? : )

  2. Pamela Ford says:

    This news really hurts my heart! I moved from Zionsville to southern Indiana and I have remained on your email list because I really loved your store and your creativity! You always have the most beautiful plants with great ideas for displaying them. I wish you all the best with your new business model!

    • Dana Altum says:

      Dear Pamela,
      We’re still creative, we promise! And thankfully we still work with the same local growers we trust. We will just be delivering our beautiful plants to your door. Please keep following along on email because we will continue to share plant care, design inspiration and so much more. Thank you for cheering us on!

  3. Jen says:

    This makes me so sad! Walking through your store (and more recently your grounds) and talking to your friendly staff have always been bright spots in my day. With that said, I will continue to support you and wish you the best of luck.

    • Dana Altum says:

      Dear Jen,
      Don’t be sad, we’ll deliver plants and bright spots to your door! And we’d love to walk your yard with you to talk about ideas and plans if you like. Your kindness and support means the world to us.

  4. Jan says:

    This is such sad news. I always enjoyed admiring your selection of all things landscaping.
    I could find just the right plant,shrub,etc. to fill a vacant spot. This is a loss for Boone
    and surrounding counties. I wish you the best in your new venture.

    • Dana Altum says:

      Dear Jan,
      We hope you’ll admire our selection online and that we can help you find just the right plant, shrub, etc. for your empty spaces. You can call us any time at (317) 733-4769 with questions. We hope you’ll come along with us on this new venture.

  5. Allison Steele says:

    Excited to follow along on this new venture!

  6. steven smith says:

    Sad. I shop with you from out of town. So long

  7. K says:

    For whatever political or zoning reasons, it IS regrettable the city couldn’t see clear to cooperating w/ Altum’s plan for a location at Finley Creek. (I assume that’s an area near Zionsville IN?) Not only is NOT having a physical footprint for a nursery/greenhouse/retail location a handicap for gardeners who DO like to see, touch, visit plants vs. mail order, but the city lost income, sales and property tax – surely a sizeable financial loss. As an avid gardener, I don’t want to shop in my pj’s on-line as Altum’s suggest. When I plant shop, it takes me an interminable time to count fronds, buds, crowns and stems to “pick the best out of the litter.” It takes me longer to find the perfect Hosta than buy a car! I started w/ this nursery over a decade ago. Disappointed that another great retailer won’t be available. Big box stores don’t have plant personnel to help; plant tags are often mislabeled or missing without professional input or advice. It’s enough that a big box store can even get plants watered. IF you don’t buy a plant the day it comes off the truck from the grower, it may not see H2O for days; customer buys a weakened plant, under stress.

    • Dana Altum says:

      Thank you for caring and sharing your concern. We can appreciate being a discriminating Hosta aficionado. And we hear your gardener heart loud and clear. But we’re still here, we promise. And we haven’t turned into mail order or a big box store, nor will we ever, we promise. You don’t have to shop in your PJs, but give us a call (317-733-4769) so we can count your fronds, buds, crowns and stems, together.

  8. Paula says:

    So sad…I was so sad when you first moved. It seemed that it was so much smaller. One of my favorite things was to come and walk your nursery. So much of a selection, ideas, color, smell! You can’t replace that! I’m so sorry to hear this along with so many other of your customers. I wish you the best of luck.

    • Dana Altum says:

      Don’t be sad. We have the same selection, ideas, color and fragrance, but we’ll bring it all to you. We can’t replace what you describe, but we can create something different and better! Grab a cup of tea and a cozy blanket this cold, wet weekend and give online ordering a try. You know you can trust us to handpick only the best for you. Or give us a call to talk about what you’re looking for and to say hi!

  9. Donna Gahwiler says:

    Are you still planning to open a store eventually? Part of what many of us liked was seeing new plants and ideas for combining plants and landscaping ideas in person.

    • Dana Altum says:

      We do not have plans to reopen the store right now. But, stick with us, Donna! Because our designers continue to come up with brilliant new ideas and combinations and will bring them to your door (to your door!). You can see what they’re up to online, in our emails, on Instagram and Facebook.

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