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Don’t get us wrong, we live in the hardware aisle and love the smell of fresh lumber. Marinated salmon steak and blueberry Danish samples are delicious. But superstores are super because they pack their shelves with everything imaginable and things you need in quantities you really, well, don’t. So that’s great if you’re searching for a power tool, paint samples, closet organizers and a poop scoop. But not so great when you’re interested in fresh, healthy plants and the answers to keep them that way.

So while the superstores try to be everything to everyone, we’re keeping it simple. We want to be something special to people like you. This is our only goal. We aren’t worried about stocking up on the common stuff. We’re paying attention to really amazing plants, the people who love them and how to help you keep them that way. 

Plus, we’re delivering it all to your door. Here’s why you’ll have the best experience: 

1) We’re Local

zionsville-indiana-flower-pot-inspirationWhen you buy from Altum’s, you’re buying from local growers. Less fuel to transport, a shorter journey for your trees and plants and healthier plants that are acclimated to our soil and climate.

And for the special trees and plants we source from around the country? We’re paying attention to how they’re shipped, making sure we only accept the best and the freshest and we’re taking care of them once they get here. Sounds like a given. But in so many mass-market environments, it’s not.

Plus, we make most deliveries on the weekend. So we load our car or truck with multiple orders and hand-deliver with care, saving fuel and treating you like  more than a number.

2) We Handpick What We Buy 

Superstores take as much inventory as possible because they only pay for what they sell. That means if the plants die on the way or soon after, it doesn’t really matter. We visit our growers (or in some cases, grow our own) and handpick the finest plants for our customers.

3) This Is What We Do

Ask us how to plant, where to plant, why planting where you did doesn’t seem to be working. What that white scaly stuff is on your leaves, how and when to use those fancy new pruning shears, what type of ground cover would work best around your stepping stones. You can call, email or schedule an At-Home Consult

We hear from people all the time who are tempted to buy a pretty plant because it’s pretty. Yes, there’s information online indicating shade vs. full sun, watering requirements, mature size and more. But sometimes we get ahead of ourselves and go for instant gratification. Knowing it can go terribly wrong. As in money down the drain. How many times has this happened to you?

We can help you pick the right plant for the right place. So feel free to call or email before you buy online. We live for this stuff. We’ll ask you about your soil conditions, exposure, other plants in the area, how much space you have. We’ll also tell you how to keep it looking good after you get it home. Which is important when you’re making an investment in your outdoor space.

4) We’re Not Going Anywhere

We’re a part of this community and we’re here to stay. Today and two years from now we’ll be bringing the seasons to your door.

Altum’s might look a little different today than it did five years ago, but we’re changing and growing, like you. We are the garden center that delivers. So, order everything online for delivery. If you need personal advice, call us at (317) 733-4769 or email us.

But if you pull up to Altum’s at Finley Creek this spring or summer, because you haven’t heard the news, you may be a little confused or shocked. After months and months of working with lawyers, engineers, developers and the town of Zionsville, we couldn’t make a permanent location make sense. So, we took everything online and decided to deliver it all to your door. Yes, everything.

So, instead of visiting in person, order and pre-order–in every season–online, 24/7. Order when you have a few minutes between meetings or diaper changing, after lunch with friends or in the middle of the night.


Yes, we deliver everything. No special trips, parking, long checkout lines and loading and unloading. Plus, we deliver $150+ free. 

6) We’ll Plant for You

planting-services-zionsville-indianaYou might be a do-it-yourselfer, but the prospect of planting a tree or shrub—especially a larger, more mature investment—can be a little intimidating. 

We can talk you through everything (here’s our planting guide, too) or we would love to plant for you. When Altum’s planting experts plant for you, we use organic soil amendment, top with fertilizer, add high-quality hardwood mulch, leave you with detailed care and watering instructions, AND you get a No Worries 3-Year Warranty.  

Did we mention Porch Pots? Seasonal combos planted in fiber pots by our designers and ready to drop into your containers. Switch them out anytime and say you planted yourself. These don’t come by the dozen. They’re unique, fresh and new combos are introduced often. Or try our best-selling Porch Pot Membership.

“[A superstore] is great if you’re searching for a power tool or a two-by-four, but not so great when you’re interested in fresh, beautiful plants.”

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